What can a website do for you?

In this short article, we look at some of the things you can use your website for beyond simply acting as an ‘online brochure’ for your business. And we ask, could your site could be working harder for you?

Extend your brand online

A website is a key tool in carrying on your communication with customers and potential customers on the internet. But there are some important things to think about.

Online design should reflect your offline image and reinforce branding but you also need to consider the bigger picture. What is the user’s experience like online and does this reflect the brand image you project offline?

Generate interest

Well structured and well presented information that is genuinely useful; raising awareness of your products and services, and sparking interest. This is an important first step in the sales funnel and something that your website is ideally placed to do as it will always be there at the end of a search query.

Generate leads

Online contact forms can feed submitted information directly into a leads database or online crm system. From here you can assign leads to your sales staff, convert them to sales and follow right through to an invoice from the same system. Talk to us about how we can streamline your sales process.

Make sales

With an e-commerce system you can make sales directly online and this can be tied into your accounting systems so that all you have to do is fulfill the order.

Feedback through polls

Allowing people to express their opinions on an issue by voting on alternatives, not only engages them more in your site but provides you with valuable feedback or market research.

Share news with RSS

If you produce regular news, you might like to share this with other associated web sites or partners. Publishing your news through an RSS feed is a really easy way to do this.

Of course it’s just as easy to incorporate other people’s news in your site.